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Caring for the vulnerable

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Welcome to Divine Family Care! Our talented team of healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional medical services and advocating for the well-being of undocumented minors in our community. We are constantly searching for compassionate and highly-skilled healthcare professionals to join our growing team. Divine Family Care is an organization that strives to put the patient first. We are committed to providing quality care to all of our patients, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. We strive to go above and beyond to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care possible.

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Our Drive

Our Story

The refugee and immigration crisis in the United States has prompted many concerned teams to action in providing support and help to those in need. Medical Services are scarce, inferior and have been, on many occasions, an afterthought to the actual humanitarian efforts needed. The lack of experienced medical teams has resulted in failed medical treatment plans, patients having adverse effects on medical treatment, unnecessary delays in unification, premature unifications, and an incalculable backlog in the documentation of medical records. 

Divine was formed in 2019 with a focus on elevating the medical services rendered to refugees. The comprehensive policies set forth by the Office of Refuge and Resettlement require a team with experience and knowledge of those expectations. Therefore, Divine has assembled a team of Pediatricians, Advanced Practitioners, and nurses with twenty-plus years of experience in caring for UC's in ORR care. Divine’s medical team is strongly committed to the timely and safe unification of all Unaccompanied Children.

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“The transition to your team’s medical services has been exceptional and has really made it extremely easy for our medical team!”

Lisdel Guerrero, RN

HEPSA Region Director of Nursing

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